In January of 2017, released first mini album “2sideS” and sold out within two months.


In May of 2017, EP could be rent from TSUTAYA in Kansai, Japan.


In July of 2017, live tour to Wake Up Festival in Taiwan.


In August of 2017, released new EP “ESCAPE” and split album ”THE WALL”. And the band started the live tour in Japan.


In October of 2017, Chased announced their new bassist, HiRo.


On January 19, 2018, released new single” SINK” and released second single “FEAR” in June of the same year.


In July of 2018, live tour to Wake Up Festival in Taiwan.


In October of 2018, the band participated in show for “Minami WHEEL 2018” and “DOGIMAZUN 2018”.


In November of 2018, Chased started their Taiwan tour and had interview of local media. And released the second mini album “HUNTING GROUND” on 20th in the same month.


In January of 2019, Chased announced their new guitarist, Issei.


In addition, the band would be held the first concert in Zeela, Umeda, Japan on May 24, 2019